March/April Student of the Month: Kyle K.

Kyle (age 7) was my first student in Monrovia and he is also one of the funniest students on my roster. I could easily see him becoming an internet star like the “Apparently Kid,” Noah Ritter, because like Noah, Kyle unknowingly says the most adorable and funny … Continued

The December Student of the Month: Cate Z.

Happy December! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, and are feeling rested and enjoying the recent rain! I am excited to announce the new monthly tradition of “Student of the Month”! Piano student, Cate … Continued

Do all music teachers need to have degrees?

Do all music teachers need to have degrees? The simplified answer: NO! I feel the need to address this because during my research of local music businesses, I’ve stumbled across this quote dozens of times on a variety of websites: “All … Continued

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