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Studio Policies 2017


  1. Payment & Billing:
  • Tuition can be paid by cash or check. Lessons are $60/hour, and equal prorated rates for shorter lessons.
  • Monthly tuition is collected the last lesson of each month or by the 25th for the following month’s tuition. Tuition for monthly students is for four lessons per month. During those months with five lessons (which occur every 2-3 months) the fifth lesson will be used as a makeup to bank for upcoming holidays, or a vacation day. A late fee of $15 is charged for late payments.


  1. Missed Lessons, Rescheduled Lessons, No-Shows & Makeups: There are no credits or refunds for missed lessons without notice. Students must provide a 24-hours notice in order to receive a makeup for illness or a general scheduling conflict. Students are given up to 6 reschedules per year before they will be released from the studio. Last-minute cancellations (less than 24-hours) and no-shows will not receive a makeup lesson and in the case of non-weekly students, will be billed for the time. If you need to cancel a lesson please call and leave a voicemail, send a text and/or e-mail if you cannot reach me; please do not text me to cancel. A makeup lesson that is canceled cannot be made-up, so please be sure that the makeup time is convenient.


  1. Illness: Students should not attend lessons when they are ill, even if they are affected by a cold or “mild viral infection.” As a teacher and singer I rely on my upper respiratory system to perform (and teach) and since I work in close proximity with my students, it is important that everyone in the studio be as healthy as possible. In addition, sick students are generally less attentive and the lessons are often a waste of time and money. Please call and reschedule lessons when sick.


  1. Teacher cancellation: If I need to reschedule a lesson due to illness or performance, the lesson will be made up. On occasions where an agreeable makeup is impossible to arrange or where I am on extended absence due to illness, travel or performance, you will be given a credit on your account for future lessons, however I do not give refunds.


  1. Punctuality: Lessons will begin and end on time. I will wait for 15 minutes if a student is running late to their lesson after which the lesson will be considered forfeited. If the student shows up late to their lesson, the lesson will nonetheless end at the scheduled time. Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your lesson.


  1. Referrals: Students earn a $50 credit when they refer family or friends who sign up for lessons. In the past I have actually taught some students free of charge because they have referred so many friends and relatives! Use this policy to your advantage.


  1. Termination: I do not require long-term commitment, but I do require that regular students who have weekly lessons scheduled year-round provide a 30-day notice if they decide to discontinue.


  1. I have read and agree to all of the above conditions.




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