My standard rate is $60/hour for students who take weekly lessons, and $70/hour for non-weekly students, however until January 2017, I am offering a discount for weekly students. The current rates are:

  • $25/half hour ($100/month for 4 lessons)
  • $40/45 minutes ($160/month for 4 lessons)
  • $50/60 minutes ($200/month for 4 lessons)
  • $70/hour, $50/45 minutes and $40/30 minutes for occasional/ bi-weekly students

There is an extra $5-15 per lesson added for traveling to students’ homes (depending on the city & distance). Rates are charged per student.


Voice Lessons

Read Danielle’s Teaching Philosophy for Voice Students

  • 30, 45, 60, or 75-minute lessons offered, all levels.
  • Lessons for children and young adults typically include: warm-ups, basic vocal training appropriate for children, beginning music theory & musicianship skills, beginning harmony, keyboard skills for singers, fundamental sight-singing, history of music, stage movement & audition prep, work on child-appropriate repertoire including Broadway, Pop, Disney, Indie & Folk music.
  • Lessons for adults expand upon basics and include: more advanced warm-ups and vocal exercises, advanced musicianship and harmony, work with classical technique and its applications in Pop, Rock, Broadway, Opera, and other genres.
  • Danielle also coaches students on audition preparation, movement for the stage, languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian), acting, preparation for choral singing and choral auditions, and counseling advice on prepping for college music auditions.

Piano Lessons

  • 30, 45 or 60-minute lessons offered, beginning and early intermediate students.
  • Piano lessons for children, young adults, and adults typically include: warm-ups, beginning technique, developing memorization skills, ear training, emphasis on sight-reading proficiency and developing confidence when approaching new music, rhythmic skills, reading chord symbols and a basic Pop/Jazz lead sheet, introduction to music history, scales, sight-singing, in addition to working through a variety of method books and the standard repertoire for beginning piano.

Piano & Voice Combo

  • 45, 60, 75, or 90-minute lessons offered.
  • Many students want to learn both piano and voice, which is highly recommended for singers in particular. In order to cover the appropriate amount of material however, the lessons must be 45 minutes minimum for children ages 3-8, and at least 60 minutes for children 8 and above (depending on students’ level).

In-Home Lessons

  • In-home lessons are ideal for students & families that may have trouble getting to my studio on a regular basis, or those who would like to avoid extra time in traffic. Students must have a working piano or keyboard and access to a working printer/scanner. Lessons must be conducted in a quiet environment free of distraction (televisions, talking family members, etc.)

In-Studio Lessons

  • In studio lessons are optimal for younger students, and those who can benefit from the long list of resources provided at my studio.
  • Young students tend to demonstrate more respect towards the instructor when lessons are conducted outside of their homes.
  • Take a tour of my studio to learn more.