Danielle Elise holds a Master of Music degree from UCLA and a Bachelor of Music from UC Irvine. Danielle’s passion for teaching took root in 2008 after she worked as an outreach scholar and teacher with UC Irvine’s Creative Connections Outreach Program, a program which brings art and music education into schools that would otherwise be unable to fund such activities. Danielle has worked as a piano and voice instructor for several prominent studios throughout Orange County, eventually working with an average of 40 students per week privately, organizing recitals for her students, and furthering her performance career as an operatic soprano.

While attending UCLA from 2012-2014, she taught dozens of UCLA students both privately and as a formal teaching assistant for the University. With years of experience and a passion for working with students of all ages and backgrounds, Danielle has moved back to her hometown of Monrovia, CA where she graduated from Monrovia High School in 2006. She now teaches a growing studio of in-home and in-studio lessons and works as a photographer in the area.

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What Students Are Saying

Yelp Reviews


“It has truly been a pleasure to have Danielle teach our two children Nicholas and Natalie the piano. She always brings a fantastic attitude to the lessons and our children really look forward to the experience each week. Most importantly, Danielle cares about Nicholas’ and Natalie as well as their progress in the lessons. It is a very satisfying approach for us as parents.” -Rose G. (Corona del Mar | Parent of two former piano students)

“She is a great teacher! I had great experiences learning with her!!!I was so surprised that I could reach such a high note after I started taking class with her. She helped me improve a lot and now I am much more confident.” -Zenny (UCLA | Former voice student)


“Danielle is wonderful! We’ve had two lessons so far and we’re very happy. We appreciate all the things you do to help your students become good musicians and develop a love for music!!!” -Kathryn T. (Costa Mesa | Parent of two former piano & voice students)


“Danielle is the best voice teacher, sings beautifully, and excellent at listening and figuring out what we are not doing as well in singing and then gives very detailed feedback on how we can improve! I can really hear the difference!” -Annie C. (Irvine | Parent of four former voice students)


“Danielle has been wonderful and nothing but professional.” -Naomi S. (Newport Beach | Parent of former piano student)


“As a parent I am THRILLED with Danielle.  She was a wonderful teacher and Shayna liked her.” -Alana Y. (Tustin Hills | Parent of former voice student)


“My first lesson with Danielle went great. We talked about why I wanted to learn the piano and how we are going to go about it.  I had a number of questions and Danielle was able to answer them all.  She seemed just as eager to teach me as I am to learn, which is the perfect attitude to have. I believe that Danielle is a good fit for me and I look forward to my upcoming lessons.” Eric M. (Irvine | Former piano student)